Your To-Avoid-List

Article published at: 10 أكتوبر 2023 Article author: Social 7PQRS
Your To-Avoid-List
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Wedding season is just around the corner and the long lists of to-dos & to-book seem endless & can become overwhelming the closer the wedding date becomes. It is impossible to achieve a smooth planning & a flawless wedding in general (it is kind of a universal fact). Yet, aiming at reducing the challenges will definitely achieve a smooth & happy occasion with less drama on many aspects.

Pre-planning & allocating the right event agency is the key to unlock a well-coordinated & seamless wedding. Below is a list of common mistakes / factors that can lead to an off-road wedding planning ride, try to avoid it at all costs, because if you do not, the cost will surely be high.

Not setting a budget

Lacking a clarity on the margin of spending you have allocated to a certain wedding is a mass flaw that both couples & agencies might fall for. It is important to establish a clear budget which helps in allocating resources wisely. Setting a specific budget & sticking to it will help in avoiding overspending & assist in filtering & finalizing the list of priorities to spend on, be it the catering, the dress, the tickets for people flying from abroad, the venue, as well as the honeymoon… this list can go on forever (depending on your budget honestly).

Not booking early enough

Securing the wedding venue 6 months in advance (even way before that) guarantees that the couples get their favorite venue & ensures the luxury of choosing the desired wedding date. Pre-booking will allow the couples to send our their wedding invitation in a timely manner that allows the to maximize the number of their favorite attendees without the latter coming back to them with apologies (lame reasons) on why they might miss the wedding. By booking the venue early, you are booking your people as well to attend your very special day.

Copying an irrelevant trend for the wedding theme

 Yes, it is crucial to set a theme for your wedding as it delivers a harmonious ambience & overall experience outcome. BUT, there is a thin line between following & applying a wedding trend while it is applicable & related to the couple’s cultural & financial background & spending finances & resources to execute a huge trend that does not even match the couple’s characters & story. At the end of the day the priority should be given to personalizing this event as much as possible opposed to making it a replica of something trendy on social media.

The details of the wedding should highlight the couple’s values, story & personalities, this will amplify the authenticity of this occasion.

Not background checking the vendors & suppliers

The most important factors that determine choosing specific vendors & suppliers are:

The quality of service & reliability & professionalism. It is crucial to check the vendors’ & suppliers’ reputation by asking around, checking online reviews & getting as much feedback as possible on their previous services. On such an important day, most mistakes & inconvenient moments have no – rewind- button & very low chances of fixing mistakes on the spot. This is exactly why, professionalism alongside the quality of service determines who will join your journey to achieve a seamless (once in a lifetime) wedding. Running a background check will assist in evaluation the products & services standards & decide on whether they meet your expectations or not.

*our 2 cents:  always ask for their portfolios


Sweating the small stuff

The cherry on top & the crusty biscuit in the bottom, not sweating the small stuff might for a nano-second sound irrelevant, but, if you scan through the list above, alongside other factors we have not tackled in this blogpost, sweating the small stuff is not at any point the duty of the couple preparing for their wedding. The whole wedding experience should bring joy & excitement to you, your family & guests. Stressing out due to mismanagement & lack of proper organization will steal the joy out of any wedding meant to take place. This is exactly why outsourcing the planning & arranging of your wedding with all its details is out of question. This will guarantee that your wedding will always be a warm memory to look back at.