Don’t Hesitate – Activate!

Article published at: Oct 10, 2023 Article author: Rizwan Zahid
Don’t Hesitate – Activate!
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Do you have a new product or adding a new service to your brand offerings, how do you announce it? To put it in straightforward business terminology, how do you promote it

Let us look into 2 scenarios here, one where you create a cool enough online announcement and cross your fingers it gets traction and generate leads. 2nd scenario is, putting some effort in actually setting up a slot in time and space to interact on ground with your existing and potential customers to announce this new product or service. 

Let us focus on the 2nd scenario and list its benefits. While hundreds, if not thousands, of announcements for similar product launches occur online every single day, how many of them would an individual actually remember by the end of the day? 

Correct, none, or maybe one (in case an online user really found a benefit that satisfies an urgent need in his / her life). 

Launching an on-ground activation by organizing an event is highly advisable for various reasons and below we list the top solid ones that we guarantee will contribute to the launch success. (Be it an event on a small or big scale)

Pump it – Building the Hype! 

Product launch events lead to audience anticipation and excitement. On ground events trigger the curiosity which normally boosts media coverage and a good word of mouth. Media coverage is one of the most important successes to reap from an event as plays an important role in increasing reach & visibility for your brand name. 

Can You See Meeeeeeeee 

(Read it with John Cena voice in mind) 

Brand awareness, far & foremost! Brand awareness matters and by all means an on-ground event will enhance it and allow the audience, existing & potential to pick up the uniqueness of what you have to offer. It is a good reminder of why your brand stands out to those who already follow you & existing within your list and a good heads-up to the audience that have not come across what you have to offer yet. 

Communicating your brand values & propositions will assist in differentiating it from the competitors out there. Add to it that such events carry a huge potential of your brand / business coming across its next partner / investor. If you manage to reach out to the right audience then your chances of hooking your future partner, or even better, sign your next deal will take place at the spot. 

See to Believe 

Try it for Yourself 

It is a classical human nature. Testing, seeing and trying something will increase the chances of believing it. Why would anyone prefer to use / buy a product or service they have not heard of or tries when they have got the chance to try it, test it or get to understand it better, if it is a service? Seeing is believing they say, and launching what you have on ground for the audience to understand its mechanism & added value will definitely boost your instant sales & sprinkle the credibility on top of this overall recipe for eventual success. 

Showcasing your product / service help your audience to better understand the unique features and benefits of your offering which eventually results in a long-lasting impression. 

Real Faces, More Trust 

Human interaction is essential 

People trust brands that are run by real humans which allows them to question, comment to & interact with. Nowadays, iIt is one of the easiest things to open an online store / shop. To run a perfect end-to-end business online is not an impossible mission especially with countless free websites and apps out there. 

I am not underestimating those business, on the contrary, the emphasis here is put on the brands that are capable of showing the human element to running this business. 

People connect with people and on-ground events allow you to humanize your brand which boosts people’s connection to it on both the personal & consumerism levels. Such events allow the staff & attendees to interact, test, ask & validate the reliability of whatever it is you are promising your audience. 

Data Mining 

Contact collecting is my new hobby 

Greatest added value of connecting & interacting with the attendees is exchanging / collecting their personal information to send them future offers, reminders, invitations & much more. The point of chatting with the attendees should not be purely revolving around sales, on the contrary. It is best practiced when an individual is allowed a space and time to decide for him / herself whether this is a product / service they need. Meanwhile & indirectly showing them that you are not in dire to sell but would like to stay in touch for future updates will be highly appreciated. 

Collect their numbers, email addresses or even follow them on social media in case there is a chance for a cross marketing / collaboration that will aid in spreading a good word. 

Feedback Haven 

Bitter Sweet 

Do not hesitate to take advantage of your attendees’ presence while they try out your product during live demos. How? Collect as much feedback as possible on the spot. In case it was a service that you are announcing, then collect insights by asking them their opinion on what they think would or wouldn’t work. Try to have some demo apps / landing pages ready for them to get the look & feel of what you are promising them. 

Collect any insight & feedback while you thank and appreciate their time in providing it even if (happens many times) it is against your brand. Keep in mind, negative feedback might be your crack to apply some tweaks & upgrades to what you are offering them. 

Exclusivity at its Best 

Limited time offers & promotions 

Needless to say that launching events is the best opportunity to provide the attendees with limited time offers & exclusive promotions. This initiative can be reflected online too where you offer them limited time codes that they can share with their fans & followers exclusively. 

This by itself is a great opportunity for expanding the sales & spreading the word through user generated content. It is crucial to connect with the attendees and honor the time they have allocated to be in your event by offering them what others will be missing out on. They would definitely appreciate feeling special by being treated this way & will boast about it & share it online which will serve you by spreading the word about this launch. Definitely a Win – Win situation here.

They … Shall…. Remember 

Good Memories Will Last   

Aside from hitting the sale target, influencer & attendees reach & closing off a fruitful event, do you really know what matters at the end of the day, aside from numbers & profit aspirations? Creating good memorable moments that stay with both the employees & attendees. 

Hundreds of services & products will keep launching around the year, but the ones that will be impactful are the ones that are capable of leaving a good trace of memory in the back of peoples’ heads. 

It is all in the details and what sentiment you offer in an event. It can be a note you leave on their table, a sincere offer, a scenery, an aesthetically photo booth or giveaway and much more.  

The sweet memory that your well-arranged event will offer your audience is exactly what they will remember whenever they come across your product / service. It works in reverse psychology here. 

Your event will impact your launch and your launch will impact your audience which in return will boost your sales & spread the word of mouth.