Take Note of the Top Corporate Event Trends

Article published at: Oct 10, 2023 Article author: Rizwan Zahid
Take Note of the Top Corporate Event Trends
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Organizing corporate events is an annual necessity that has reached the state of – no questioning- with well reputed brands, even emerging ones, aiming at building their awareness & recognition through being present on ground. 

Corporate events mainly revolve around interaction, announcements & fundraising. Whatever your WHY is this year, make sure you do not miss out on the below latest events must know trends & tendencies when organizing your event.

What exactly do you need to keep an eye on?

Near Far… Wherever You Are

Increased interest in hybrid events

More & more attendees are witnessed to participate virtually especially in international organizations events. Inclusiveness of global offices/ franchises & sister companies is on the, which basically helps in cost cutting, higher events’ frequency & boosted engagement. Wider audiences is guaranteed so you better invest in your logistics & wifi connections & big screens for maximum impact.

 Fun = Business? Yessss

Increased interest in experiential events

While both your time & budget are set, why not guarantee that your event is a memorable one? Many HR heads / account managers try to organize just any event to tick it off their annual obligatory to-do-list (just to impress higher management). Yes, we know, sad but true. Hence, our advice is, since you have allocated the intention, time & budget to this event, why not walk that extra mile of wholeheartedly organizing a meaningful & impactful one?

Invest in branded games, team building challenges, virtual reality experiences, live bands, even food trucks? The list can go on & the most important is to present a live engaging experience on-ground that feeds at least 3 of 5 senses! 

Bring the challenge on!


Increased interest in team building challenges

Even if we come across as repetitive at this point (we honestly see it as re-emphasizing on the latter point). Invest in challenges that are engaging, fun & meaningful so your event creates a long-term memory.

  • Set games & challenges with leaderboards that showcase the participants’ status & progress.
  • Allocate medium to high end rewards (using sponsors / existing clients barter deal). Rewards never fail as incentives. Examples of rewards:
  • Exclusive access to top tier venues / experiences
  • Paid off-day
  • Bonus on salary
  • Spa day
  • Dinner for 2 in a fine dining restaurant

Honestly the list goes on, we will leave it up to your resources and imagination.

3 -2 – 1 Let’s Go Live!

Increased demand on fresh live content online

Whatever type of event you will organize, whatever theme you decide on, whatever location, food, and attendees there will be, going live will not disappoint you if you utilize it in the right manner. It is your only budget-friendly addition to any event. It allows to link between the physical & virtual attendees.

There is always content whenever you intend to go live. Whether your event is humble, low budget or extremely glamorous, go live.

You can go live & cover:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Preparations
  • Behind the scenes with the catering supplier
  • Attendees’ arrivals
  • Short interviews & red-carpet style shots & footages
  • Speeches
  • Awards & recognitions 

The list is long, all you have to make sure about (aside from choosing what content to cover) is a full battery on your phone & a power bank in your back pocket.

All for One!

Inclusive Events, out of question

We have reached an era, were gladly, and in most of the progressive countries, inclusivity is a non-questionable aspect of any event / arrangement. It comes by default but there is no harm in listing its importance. Especially in public occasions such as corporate events. 

Making sure that individuals of all challenges physical & non-physical enjoy an event with the least hassle & inconvenience possible is mandatory and this builds a great humanitarian reputation for any brand. People before business can be the big umbrella in which individuals are treated in a considerate way on-site & offsite.


We have discussed the basic factors that cover inclusion in events previously. Please do not hesitate to scan through it.

Eco-friendly Events

Increased interest in the sustainability aspect

It is impossible to ignore the green giant that has woken up to hover above our heads in not very recently. The eco-friendly craze & sustainability became today’s market jargons especially when an event is coming up. 

No one is complaining but it is essential to advise on taking this seriously as it:

1- helps in building a clean & credible social status for your brand 

2- reduces the un-necessary non-biodegradable waste resulting for a temporary occasion / event.

So, what to do?

Invest in biodegradable cutlery if food-catering is on your list

Use recycled materials

Use upcycled water bottles

Rent the main items needed especially chairs, huge screens, tables etc…

  • Book sustainable venues that actually do take environmental friendly measures in every detail they handle when hosting an event
We have named the main trends globally & locally. You have the list above which looks feasible and not applying it becomes your personal call. Yet, if this is what the market is hungry for alongside your attendees, why not invest in one of the approaches above, even better merge a couple of them together.


Keep in mind that with countless accessible & free tools & platforms it has become easier than ever to uplift any event to match a high standard & boost its impact. All it takes, before a set budget, is a vision a signed off plan.