On a Yacht? Why Knot!

Article published at: Oct 10, 2023 Article author: Social 7PQRS
On a Yacht? Why Knot!
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A fresh & fun way to tie the knot, while keeping a reasonable sailing knot (referring to that speed unit for boats) for your invitees to keep their drinks & bites in hand rather than clinging on the handrails.

Grab that light & bright linen attire, your sunscreen & hats while we take you on a nautical tour that passes by the coast that is called ( The Coast of Essential Steps & Considerations when Planning a Yacht Wedding).

Before we begin listing the classical and overlooked details that go behind such an occasion and its organization, let us mention what makes a yacht wedding unique and why is it important to consider it as one of your wedding options.

A wedding on a yacht will definitely be a memorable one, unlike the classical on-ground (land-based) weddings.

A yacht wedding is definitely fun-infused, youthful by nature and customizable to a huge extent. Where the word YACHT by itself might imply a huge budget requirement, on the contrary we are here to mention that such an arrangement can be very budget friendly and even better, unique.

What makes such a wedding special is the fact that, no matter how big your yacht, there will be a dimensional limit to the number of attendees, which leaves you with a very close relatives’ & close friends’ circle that will have the privilege of sharing such a day with you. Your attendees can be their true selves, have fun in silly & genuine ways. Is it not the memory you wish yo my ur people carry with them post that event?

*Ps: A small group of wedding attendees ensures less drama scenes, more & louder laughter*

Back to the promised tour, to our list of considerations and planning pre-wedding:

Invitations Logistics:

  • Send out your invites 5 months in advance to guarantee a bigger number of confirmations. Send a reminder invitation a month pre-wedding and then hit a WhatsApp group broadcast messaging whenever you like during the final week before the wedding. (Since it’s a casual close friends & relatives list)
  • Make sure your invitation communicates the desired theme outfit’s overall appearance that matches your theme. A color coded collective appearance will spice up your photos & videos & add that harmony to the content that will be generated.
  • Make sure to include an e-invite that allows your people to mark their calendars & get direct notifications & reminders on their phones.
  • Include the route, timing & overall event duration in the invitation. 

On Deck & Generic Logistics

Emergency protocols: Safety first is a cheesy phrase but an inevitable factor on various levels. A very important measure to communicate with both your organizers & guests is an action plan in case of emergencies. This will include but not be limited to:
  1. Safety vests location 
  2. Safety boats locations
  3. On deck standing & seating plan to eliminate the panic
•Weather forecast

   – Make sure the water is smooth, winds are gentle for maximized joy resulting from a remarkable sail

•Route & destination (sailing plan)

   – Even if you will stop in the middle of nowhere (as your guests might refer to)

•Seats plan (in case of a big yacht)

   – Rarely do people sit on yachts / boats, but nevertheless if the yacht / boat you arranged is massive & includes tables & chairs, a seating plan is highly advisable.

•Sea sickness measures (ensure there are motion sickness pills at reach alongside a resting area )
•Pre-planned entertainment and booking

   – (Prepare that funky playlist to keep everyone in a great mood) or even better, arrange a DJ / live performer if you wish

•Beverage list & requirements

Make sure you don’t run out of beverages to keep that fun momentum going. No need to mention to be considerate of individuals that do not consume alcoholic drinks & provide a decent variety for them too)

  • Customized catering & food restrictions

   – Drinking, joy & the wide horizon views will trigger that emotional hunger & the least you can do is satisfy it with well thought of catered delicacies. It will be great if you can check for cuisines preferences with your guests ahead of time to allow the best catering on deck

  • Make sure there is an auto-injector within reach (or as widely called, EpiPen) in case of severe allergic reactions 

The list can go on, but as far as the hosts (love birds) are concerned, the rest, even the above long  list, should be handled by your events partner, a company that you trust to handle the smallest details & nail a great yacht wedding ceremony from A to Z! Do not hesitate to reach out  to us for the best, once in a lifetime (if it’s meant to be) occasion!