Is it too much Pink?

Article published at: 10 أكتوبر 2023 Article author: Rizwan Zahid
Is it too much Pink?
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Summer 2023 was splashed with Barbie pink! Pink is just all over the place wherever you go & however you turn your gaze. A good marketing campaign in place? Indeed. Countless brands were equipped to push for the cultural Barbie craze across industries. F&B dipped in some buns & feminized their shakes with cotton candy pink shakes.

 The fashion industry (especially renowned luxury brands) started introducing pink gradients almost a year in advance, unintentionally? We think not!

 The big umbrella is an, engaging marketing approach through: 

  • On Ground Activations
  • Partnerships
  • Collaborations 

The above were smoothly injected in the mainstream media & cultural collective subconscious mind with Barbie PINK

Barbie successfully transcended from a mere entertainment (temporary story) to an official cultural hype. Targeted & non targeted audience across age groups related to the nostalgia that the movie has depicted. Smart & short snippets were released every now & their ripple effect on how excited people were was very obvious with an increase in pink inspired lifestyle trends. 

Barbie pink in stores, on shelves, PINK simply took over! 

The list of pink inspired lifestyle elements around us just goes on & on and to name a few:

  • Pink wardrobes
  • Pink flavored food & candies
  • Pink funky furniture
  • Barbie themed parties & events 
*ps: this even applies to adults more than the kids & youth 

If you are wondering what marketing activations, pop ups & practices led to this smooth Pink overtake? 

We will list a few:

Massive Pink Billboards

Nostalgic pink billboards amidst giant towers, hovering above highways, hinting at an iconic comeback. Mattel’s beloved creation graces toy shops once again, announcing a strong comeback that will take over the Big Screens too! 

Unboxing Real Humans? 

Crazy (but cool) life-sized Barbie Doll package display – clever marketing! Those sought after Pink packages appealed to people of all ages & genders to step into it & snap a cool photo. A great marketing Step into the pink box, snap a Barbie pic. Millions shared, bridging real to digital. 

Pinkarpet anyone? The invasion of PINK houses 

No one could have missed the Pink Malibu Pink mansion (an Airbnb collaboration obviously)! An irresistible ocean-view mansion that took over the internet Airbnb listing smartly advertised to boost both the mansion and the Barbie lifestyle & movie at once.  

Warmer seats on the streets

There is no slight chance that any moving human being would have missed the splash of pink on the sidewalks as waiting areas & benches were dipped in Barbie hue alongside the main movie characters & Barbie logo. Barbie lifestyle & colors just gently swayed into the passers’ subconscious minds. Barbie lifestyle taking over the city, one seat at a time (literally). 

Insurance Ken be Impactful 

An unexpected, yet witty, clever movie set partnership with Progressive Insurance. The teaser revealed a secret client Ken, adding excitement to the upcoming film release. A perfect approach to brand awareness & movie teaser.

They see me Rollin’ (Impala Skate collab) 

Barbie-themed neon skates by Impala Skate. Gen Z and Old Generation (aka OG) unite, embracing a new community potential! Skaters! Seemed like a long lost street phenomenon or a community from the past. Skaters, existing & to be will just embrace this trend, hoping it injects lazy societies with a more active lifestyle. 

Finally, seriously, whoever thought that traditional (on ground) marketing has retired, was slightly wrong or inaccurate. There will always be the place, space, budget and chance to inject insert witty campaigns in mundane situations & locations. People are glued to their screens all day long, this is a fact, but, deep down they miss an actual on-ground live experience that reconnects them with their surroundings. 

So next time your marketing team pitches a crazy marketing campaign, just take that leap of faith, and execute it.