Beat the Heat

Article published at: 10 أكتوبر 2023 Article author: Rizwan Zahid
Beat the Heat
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Summer is another word for FUN, and while a big percentage of humans pack & travel back home or embark on a far east adventure, many more people tend to stay. Stay where temperatures hit 45 even 50 degrees celsius at times.  

But does that mean the summer fun has been sentenced to death? Of Course not, not when you have us around here to manage the best themes, decorations, interiors, food catering, entertainment & much more.

You might be wondering, what can be possibly entertaining enough to plan & organize indoors during this season, below are 4 timeless experiences & events that can still be enjoyable in summer if planned right: 

Until we meet again… or NOT 

Farewell Parties & Gatherings 

Summer, always witnesses a pivot in people’s journeys on both the personal & career levels. Right before summer kicks in, people tend to change their jobs, and during summer they serve their notice period, what does that mean? The perfect occasion to arrange for an unforgettable farewell party be it in a venue or mansion. 

Depending on your budget (how much the employees / direct manager) is willing to chip in, determines the scope of the celebration. But rest assured, if you do not miss on tasty food, a great theme with a funky photo booth alongside tasty drinks, it will be a farewell every other employee wishes for. 

Keep Them Busy

Away with boredom, fun for kids has arrived 

One of the hardest, if not the sole hardest summer break turmoil is: kids at home. Kids post school finishes. It is a struggle for parents no matter how many times they have wished for a break from waking up early morning to getting kids ready alongside their drop offs & pick ups. Summer arrives hand in hand with boredom & a lack of outdoor spaces & activities with such heat to keep them happy & busy. Here, I will definitely suggest arranging a cool themed fun filled  indoor play date that caters to their energy levels & appetite without forgetting to invite their best friends. Depending on their age & interests, cool games, sports challenges, artistic contests & workshops can be arranged to keep them busy for 5 hours or less. Setting up magic shoes for the little ones, karaoke for the elderly ones, cooking classes & much more are ideas that will keep them occupied & offer them a core memory! 

Before Remorse Kicks In 

Not Too Hot Bachelors’ Parties 

Take that heat of excitement indoors or to the patio or even by the pool & celebrate your friend before they step in a forever cage. You will miss him / her for sure once they tie that knot, so why not wildly enjoy their relationship status before it changes forever. 

Lots of couples’ plans are on hold till the summer heat eases up, it is then when their big day is due. So, just before that and while it is still around the corner, throwing a bachelors’ party indoors or by the pool sounds just right!

Arrange a great theme, might be minimal as well, offer mouthwatering delicacies that will fill you up & compliment the countless drinks you will toast with to a great future. Do ot forget the music, a live DJ, a band perhaps and loads of dancing to create an adult core memory. 

Keep Things Wet

Sip & splash by the pool 

A freshly home made or catered juicy menu can simmer on your BBQ by the pool this summer leaving you with less reasons to be bored. I am here to remind you that there is no need to wait for an occasion to set your BBQ pool party! Just place drinks in ice buckets, turn the music on while you float on a massive unicorn inflatable in the pool. 

The perfect scenario of enjoying the sun without suffering the heat is with no doubt, a pool party, which will tick all boxes if it included BBQ. Be it minimal or funky hippie themed to entertain your guests ,your options are countless. But however you plan it, make sure the decoration, food & playlist is on spot. 

Enjoy this summer, live it all till the last sunray in every single sunset while you make memories. Always keep in mind, summers that go do not come back so make the most out of it and do not use the heat as a reason not to!