Post Summer Events, Here We Come!

Article published at: 10 أكتوبر 2023 Article author: Rizwan Zahid
Post Summer Events, Here We Come!
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This amazing summer break will be over in no time, but, going back to work will not necessarily be dull & de-motivating especially with an interesting line up of occasions, events & gatherings that will pump your veins & spirit with some uplifting & motivation.

Let’s take a look on the list of events awaiting for us post summer breaks: 

Shareholders &  investors end of year dinner  

It is an annual necessity & a great opportunity to re-connect, catch up & share feedback on the years’ achievements, milestones & upcoming plans. Such occasions allow a friendlier face to face approach that instill trust in both parties. Any dinner setup that takes into consideration the cultural diversity & preferences while allowing a fun & relaxed mingling set up is highly recommended.  

UAE National Day 

One of the most anticipated local occasions that is celebrated across the country, among all industries & backgrounds, is the UAE National Day. Serves us all as a great reminder of this land that has flooded us from all paths of life with endless opportunities. Whether you arrange an actual on-ground celebration with local delicacies, arts &  life performances or set up some flag coloured balloons & flowers for your offices or as giveaways, it is definitely not an event to miss or take lightly.  

End of year party 

Better end of a good notice, ciao ciao 2023 & welcome 2024 while everyone crosses their fingers for a stable & success filled year ahead. Several scenarios can take place around this time of the year. Be it an in-office humble celebration or booking in a proper ballroom or hotel venue end of year company party celebration. In both cases, the main concert is wrapping up a year internally with the humans that we spent most of our time with every single day to meet our deadlines & accomplish the companies’ annual big numbers (if that was the case am hoping) 

Mouthwatering bites, drinks & great decoration is a must especially when booking a venue as lots of pictures and funny videos will be taken on that evening.  

Milestones Celebration & Conferences  

A great way to build a sense of community where previous achievements get recognized & individuals get appreciated for their year round hard work add to it discussing plans the vision & the trendiest industry specific topics. It is highly recommended that such occasions are casual & friendly directed which will allow the stakeholders, managers & employees to enjoy & appreciate the human aspect of the business & interact human to human opposed to title to title prioritizing deliverables & deadlines. Such occasions can be held inside the office with a cool decorative set up that breaks the daily monotonous ambience & routine. Setting up big screens some background music & colorful balloons will definitely uplift every one. Offering delicious bites & refreshments  is a plus so keep that in mind.  

Fundraisers Event 

This is non-profit organizations specific. Such events are an annual must to assist in raising awareness alongside oney to keep the organization running & achieving its goals & keeping its valuable promises. Charity / humanitarian organizations heavily rely on such events to be able to engage supporters as they set a great reminder of the organization’s primary cause. Add to it the fact that such events, especially of organized on a massive scale, have a great potential of reaching out to new potential supporters & audience. Some of the most common scenarios are dinners, sports themed / marathon events, live concerts & much more. 

ConclusionThe above listed events are just a small fraction of so many occasions that can be held post summer holidays when everyone is back, set & ready to kick start a more successful year & reflect on previous achievements & downfalls alike. But the ones shared are the most common ones amongst industries regardless of your budget. So mark your calendars with at least two of the above & contact us for any assistance ! (actually consult us for a great guaranteed events’ outcomes in town) !